SoZo event space

SoZo is a uniquely large coffeeshop & venue with 3500 square feet of space, stage and seating including 2 enclosed meeting rooms.We are proud to be able to offer space to local groups which can be rented out for events, along with our 2 meeting rooms available in the coffeeshop.



SoZo is proud to be able to offer a large shop space in order to accommodate large groups that are meeting. During business hours, the largest meeting room is a fully enclosed playroom for families which is open for paying customers from 8am to 12pm. The playroom can be rented for groups of 15-25 after 1pm till 10pm. Our second small meeting room is also freely open to customers who need a quiet space but can also be reserved ahead of time to guarantee use. We appreciate everyone who visits SoZo but to avoid loitering, we strongly encourage that all who spend time here purchase something to support our business. In doing so, you are welcome to stay as long as you want and enjoy a comfortable, spacious environment with free Wi-Fi and our exceptional customer service.



In addition to our meetings rooms, we also have the ability to rent the entire shop for any occasion! SoZo has seen everything from album releases and improv shows to baby showers, weddings and graduation parties. We are happy to be able to serve you on Sundays.

Our entire space can be yours for a reasonable per hour rental fee which would include full use of the café, seating for 150, stage, sound and A/V system, playroom, and have a dedicated Barista and/or Sound Engineer behind the bar. The host can bring in their own food and drink to set up on our long bar or high top tables and decorate as needed.

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