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Creating a coffeehouse experience like none other. Drinking Coffee never felt so good.

At SoZo, not only will you experience the best coffee and coffeehouse experience in the southeast valley, but you will also be part of impacting the community and the world for good. You see, we will donate money from every purchase to a local or international cause or organization that is seeking to improve the world in which we live. There are many needs around us and many of them are preventable. We want to be an answer in helping to alleviate the burdens that exist all around us both near and far. 

our story

SoZo Coffeehouse is the missional business creation of founders Scott and Lori Morgan. Married over 30 years with 3 children, their dream for having a community hang-out started back when they were dating.  Enjoying all kinds of live local music together and seeking out cool coffeeshops (which were rare back then) was a favorite pastime.  Scott and Lori live for relationship.  Their personalities attract it and their genuine love for blessing their community over anything else is what drives them.  “Coffee with a Cause” has been their mantra since the birth of SoZo in 2010 and when you visit SoZo, you will not only enjoy what you drink or eat (with a portion of each transaction going back to local charities),  but you will catch a vibe that is like none other.  At SoZo you will find a “slow” bar that encourages conversation, tables to spread out and work, large comfortable leather chairs and couches that invite relaxation, an enclosed playroom that welcomes parents and children, a large stage that invites all levels of art, and a staff that cares about your experience.  Whether it’s a to-go drink or you’re staying for awhile, every customer matters at SoZo Coffee.


SoZo Coffee would like to extend the use of its facilities to local groups that are looking for alternative places to meet weekly, quarterly, or on an as needed basis. Missio Dei Community Church meeting at SoZo every Sunday morning for worship services, but the rest of the week is available for meeting.


The Best CoffeeShop in Chandler AZ 

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Playroom hours

8AM-12PM (Thursday-Friday Only)

Live Music

Every Friday and Saturday from 7PM-10PM
(and most Thursdays as well)***



+(480) 726-SOZO



1982 N. Alma School Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85224