Artist's Corner

With a full stage, professional audio system, and seating for close to 200, SoZo Coffee seeks to highlight some of the best talent in the valley (and beyond).

Are you interested in performing?


Over the last 10 years, SoZo Coffee House has hosted some of the very best FREE live music and poetry events around! We offer a professional stage with a powerful multi-channel digital sound system, house drum kit, keyboard, multiple instruments and microphone inputs on our fully equipped stage with forward arranged seating for up to 170. We are thrilled to promote a variety of musicians from the emergent up and coming indie musicians/bands to a reputable pool of local seasoned bands from a variety of musical genres. Artists make both a cut from the nights sales as well as tips given by the listening audience.

Want to Play?

If you are an established local band with experience playing at multiple venues, you may send a link to your music page to Please note that we receive many emails and we will reply to your email as soon as we get the chance to authentically listen and respond.  Dropping into our Open Mic is always the best way to make those connections with our venue and with us personally.

Open Mic Night

(twice a month)

Most of the artists we schedule to play at Sozo Coffeeshop are from meeting and hearing them play at one of our largely attended Open Mics. From hearing these artists, we can determine if their sound and connection with the audience will be a good fit for our venue. If you are interested in being considered for a SoZo show, we strongly encourage you to show up to one of our largely attended, widely supported Open Mics, which are held consistently on the 2nd Saturdays and the 4th Fridays of every month. Musicians arrive fairly early to line up for the sign- up-sheet to pick a time slot which allows for two songs.

We start at 7pm and end at 10pm. **Performers arrive early, so it is suggested you arrive BEFORE 5pm, or send a friend to lineup for you to wait for the sign up sheet to start at 5:30pm. **  It’s worth the wait!

Other Events


In addition to Open Mic Nights, Poetry Night is the 1st Thursday of most months and arrival time is 7pm. Stay connected to all of our events by revisiting our website and calendar, and following our Instagram page: @sozocoffeehouse and/or Facebook Pages for up to date must-see events! We look forward to seeing you at our venue sometime soon!